2019 Region D/Chicago Tennis Skills & Match Play


Event Description:

Volunteer at the Tennis Match Play and Skills Competition and check out the Chicago athlete's tennis abilities! 


Skills options are for athletes with lower ability levels, athletes who are new to the sport, or athletes who have a physical disability that prohibits them from participating in team sports. The Tennis Skills being tested are Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Forehand Ground stroke, Backhand Ground stroke, Alternating Ground Stroke, and Serving.  Below are brief descriptions of the volunteer responsibilities. Volunteers are needed to assist at each skills station, to officiate the matches, assist officials in each match, and distribute lunch and awards. Below is a brief description of the volunteer job responsibilities..  



Station Supervisor:  Responsible for overseeing the specific skill at the station.


Station Feeder:  Tosses or hands the tennis ball to the competing athlete in the delegated location.


Station Recorder:  Responsible for recording the score of the athlete at the assigned skill.


Station Shagger:  Responsible for gathering all the balls used at the specific station. 



Officials:  Responsible for officiating all matches in compliance with Special Olympics rules.   


Official Assistants: Assist the court officials with anything they may need (i.e. scoring, balls, etc.)


Results/Awards:  Assist in compiling and calculating all results and announcing and distributing awards to each athlete. 


Lunch:  Set up lunch area and distribute lunch to all athletes, coaches, and volunteers.  Will assist in monitoring the lunch area and cleaning up when lunch is finished. 



Event Date/Time: Wed, Jul 10, 2019 - 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Volunteers Needed:
Event Meeting Location: Waveland Park Tennis Courts

3650 N. Recreation Dr
Chicago, IL 60613

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Event Organizer: Dani Chitwood
Event Category:
Region D / Tennis