2019 Region D/Chicago Floor Hockey Skills NORTH


Event Description:

The purpose of the Individual Skills Competitions are to allow athletes to train and compete in basic sport skills and allow participation for athletes with equipment or mobility assistance devices that, for safety reasons, cannot participate in team competitions. The Floor Hockey Skills that will be tested include: Shooting Around the Goal, Passing, Stick Handling and Shooting for Accuracy. 

The description of each skill is included below:


Skill #1-Shooting Around the Goal: Athlete takes one shot on goal from 5 different spots around the goal.  These sports are located at the end points of five 6 meter long rays which start from a common point at the center of the goal line.  


Skill #2-Passing: Athlete makes 5 passes from behind a line. Athlete tries to pass the puck between two cones (one meter apart) which are placed 8 meters from the passing line.


Skill #3-Stickhandling: Athlete stickhandles the puck from starting line through a course defined by cones, and shoots the puck at goal.  


Skill #4-Shooting for Accuracy: Athlete takes 5 shots on goal from behind a line that is 5 meters from and directly in front of the goal.  6 sections are defined within the goal each worth a different amount of points. 


Volunteers are needed to operate and score each skill as well as distribute awards upon conclusion of the competition.  A brief description of the volunteer jobs are listed below:


Skill Operators:  Oversees the set up and execution of each skill. Assists with positioning athletes and scoring. 


Scorekeepers:  Record score at designated skill on respective score sheet for each athlete. 


Timers:  Keep time for skills that include time limit and inform scorekeeper and athlete when time is up. 


Group Escorts: Responsible for rotating groups of athletes through each skill station, escorting athletes from the skills stations to the awards area, distributing completed score sheets to the awards table. 



Awards:  Assist Special Olympics staff members in distributing awards to each athlete upon completion of the competition respective to their finish within their division. 



Event Date/Time: Wed, Sep 25, 2019 - 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Volunteers Needed:
Event Meeting Location: Quest Multi Sport

2641 W. Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60612

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Event Organizer: Dani Chitwood
Event Category:
Region D / Floor Hockey