2019 Region D/Chicago Soccer Skills and Teams


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Event Description:

Join us for the Soccer Competition that will include both Individual Skills and Team Play! 


The purpose of the Individual Skills Competitions are to allow athletes to train and compete in basic sport skills and allow participation for athletes with equipment or mobility assistance devices that, for safety reasons, cannot participate in team competitions. The Soccer Skills that will be tested include: Dribbling, Shooting, Running and Kicking. Volunteers are needed to operate and score each skill.


Additionally, the Soccer Team Competition will also be taking place this day.  Volunteers will be responsible for assisting with officiating the games by keeping score and time.


Volunteers also needed for running results, distributing awards, assisting with set up and tear down, distributing water and lunches.   


Brief Volunteer Job Descriptions are listed below: 


Skill Officials:  Person responsible for overseeing the specific skill station. This person will direct the athletes through their assigned skill and will determine the official score. 


Skill Timers:  Person will use stopwatch to record time elapsed for necessary skills and report time to the official to determine score. 


Skills Ball Retriever: Will assist in retrieving balls that are kicked out of the skill area and will have extra balls ready to be played if needed. 


Team Referees:  Officiate the game in accordance with FIFIA and Special Olympics rules.  Keep official game time, and control the game, making all final decisions concerning each match including but not limited to fouls, penalty kicks, goal kicks, ect. 


Team Score Keepers:  Keep point tally on the score sheets (examples will be provided).  Confirm that the tally points and scoreboard are consistent throughout the game. 


Team Line Judges: Assist center referees and scorekeepers on the field of play in calling out of bounds, throw ins, corner kicks and goal kicks.  Assist and retrieving balls kicked out of bounds. 


Skills Group Escorts:  Responsible for leading a group of athletes to each skill station, ensuring that athletes are competing in correct order.  Once all the skills are completed the score sheets will need to get to the results tables and athletes are escorted to the awards area. 


Results Runners:  Responsible for getting completed skills sheets and game cards to the results and awards area.  


Awards Distributors:  Responsible for setting up awards area and distributing awards to completed divisions.  Will use awards script to keep awards ceremonies consistent for all athletes. 


Lunch Distributors:  Responsible for setting up the lunch area, distributing lunches to all athletes, coaches and volunteers, and assist with cleaning up the lunch area. 

Event Date/Time: Sat, Oct 12, 2019 - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Volunteers Needed:
Event Meeting Location: La Villita Park

2800 S. Sacramento
Chicago, IL 60608

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Event Organizer: Dani Chitwood
Event Category:
Region D / Soccer