2019 Region D/Chicago Snowshoe NORTH


Event Description:

Join us for the Snowshoe Competition and volunteer as athletes race through the snow!


Due to the large number of snowshoe participants, there will be both a NORTH and SOUTH event.  Please ensure that you are registering for the desired location by confirming the location below. 


Dress in many layers and have appropriate snow/winter gear as many of the volunteer responsibilities will be outside. Volunteers will rotate to ensure that everyone is warm and not outside for extended periods of time. 


Volunteers are needed to assist with the following:


BullPen: Use provided heat sheets to get athletes in proper order and prepared  to go outside for their race. 


Escorts: Lead group of athletes from the bull pen to the starting line with their proper heat sheet.  Assist with getting the athletes lined up at the start line then meet athletes at the finish line to escort them back inside. Once inside, bring the results sheet to the results area. 


Start Line Assistants:  Will receive the heat sheet from the groups escorts and line athletes up according to the sheet.  Will then pass the heat sheet off to the official to make sure only athletes in that heat are racing once the race starts.


Officials/Starting Line Judge:  Ensure that all athletes are lined up in correct order.  Radio down to the finish line recorder which athletes are participating.  Start race and watch for false starts. 

Starters: Gives start signal once competitors have lined up and begins each race. 


Course Judges:  Assigned to various positions along the course to oversee the progression of the race and rules.


Timers: Responsible for timing an athlete during each race.  Be alert and watch the starter to ensure that timer is started on time and stop watch when any part of the athletes body or equipment crosses the finish line.


Finish Line Judges: Oversees the finish line and timers and will communicate with the start line.  Will record the results from the timers for each race and return to the escorts to be brought back inside. 


Awards: Present the appropriate awards to athletes based on their finish in their respective division.  


Lunch/Hot Chocolate: Assist in the organization and distribution of lunch and hot chocolate to all athletes, coaches and volunteers.



Event Date/Time: Sat, Dec 14, 2019 - 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Volunteers Needed:
Event Meeting Location: Shabbona Park

6935 W. Addison St
Chicago, IL 60634

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Event Organizer: Dani Chitwood
Event Category:
Region D / Snowshoe