Meal Service (Breakfast) - Los Angeles


Event Description:

*Ages 14 & up*

*Orientation required- Groups please reach out to to schedule your orientation on the day of your service!. Individuals must complete an orientation prior to signing up for a meal service*


Thank you so much for signing up to serve a meal to our guests here at URM. We could not further the work of the gospel and meet the immediate needs of food and shelter without you! In order to make your experience as efficient and smooth as possible, we want to extend our secure underground parking structure to your team.


Parking spaces are extremely limited so please carpool if possible. Our underground parking garage ramp is located just south of our building. You will pass the main entrance and turn into the driveway. The gate is locked before 6AM and after 4PM. If you are arriving to the mission before these times, (to serve breakfast or dinner) please call URM Security at (213) 347-6315. Please let security know you are here for meal service and they will remotely open the gate for you. 


Once you are in the parking garage please walk to the double white doors towards the east of the garage. Please take the elevator to Floor G and a security guard will direct you to the cafeteria. Once you arrive in the cafeteria, please alert our Kitchen Staff and they will brief you on your role. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Dress Code

  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Pants are required to be worn at all times. (No Shorts)
  • No tank tops, halters, midriff-revealing tops, low cut blouses, sheer fabric or anything excessively tight-fitting).
  • Clothing must not portray alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or sexual or violent themes.
  • No dangling or loose worn jewelry.
  • Kitchen volunteers will be required to wear a hairnet.
  • Volunteers with long hair should be prepared to tie their hair back if needed.



Please respect the privacy/personal property of our guests. Personal information about Union Rescue Mission guests is strictly confidential. In a case that a guest shares information about being in danger or endangering others, volunteers must report the information to the staff person in charge.


If you would like to take a photo of yourself or your group, you are permitted to do so as long as there are no guests visible in the photo. Permission to photograph guests can ONLY be granted through our Public Relations department on unique occasions. Please contact the Volunteer Department if you have any questions.


To protect the safety of our guests and volunteers, the volunteer relationship with our guests must occur solely within the confines of Union Rescue Mission. As such, volunteers are asked to adhere to the following procedures:

  • Do not to share personal details such as home/email address, or phone number with guests.
  • Do not to befriend guests on ANY social media sites.
  • No rental of real estate; take in as a roommate, or invite home as an overnight guest/s. 
  • No engaging in private transactions involving gifts, services or money with any guest.
  • Do not meet guests outside of Union Rescue Mission’s buildings.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from transporting guests in their personal vehicle

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