Citizen Science: Interdisciplinary


Project Description:

As a volunteer citizen scientist, you are helping us maintain and preserve the natural areas across our 17 parks & greenways through your own unique skill set. We offer many areas of monitoring and research to be a citizen scientist which can be found on the service projects page. 


Interdisciplinary citizen science opportunities are for folks who want to engage in their favorite monitoring activity, but it doesn't fall within the options available. We want each person to be able to use their unique skillset, so interdisciplinary citizen science is where volunteers can "create their own" citizen science program. 


To do so, you must submit your application under this category, and work directly with the natural resources coordinator ( to develop your own monitoring program. 


Volunteers Needed:
Project Meeting
Any of our 17 Parks & Greenways

1235 Central Park Dr. E., Carmel, IN 46032

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Project Organizer: Natural Resources
Project Category:
Park Stewardship & Nature Education