Citizen Science: Invasive Plant Monitor


Project Description:

Join our Citizen Science team as an invasive plant monitor! Invasive plant monitoring is vital to the long term health and sustainability of not only our parks, but all natural areas surrounding our parks. Invasive species is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity loss, and we need your help monitoring invasive plants in our parks to stop the spread.


As an invasive plant monitor, you will identify invasive plants and record their location using the smartphone application EDDMapS (Early Detection and Distribution). EDDMapS is used nationally to report the spread of invasive species, and your monthly monitoring in our parks will help prevent the spread beyond our boundaries.


To become an invasive plant monitor, you will apply to be a citizen scientist below. Once approved, you will receive your volunteer packet with everything you need to know about your monitoring program. To be a successful invasive plant monitor, you need to have a love for nature, a passion for learning, and a keen interest in your area of monitoring (for example, invasive plants). Experience invasive plant ID is ideal.


 We look forward to seeing you on our Citizen Science team!


*Because invasive species are so threatening to biodiversity, there are many organizations dedicated to education and action. To find out more about invasive species in Hamilton County, visit the Hamilton County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) website:

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Park Stewardship & Nature Education