Durant NestWatch Program

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Project Description:

Support our NestWatch program, an international citizen science program which collects data on nesting birds for research use. Throughout nesting season, the volunteer will visit 20 nest boxes located at Durant and record data using the NestWatch iPad app. Keep close count of eggs, baby birds, and numbers of successfully fledged young. Volunteer must be able to commit to weekly or twice-weekly visits in order to fulfill research needs.


Volunteer Duties:

Volunteers must independently visit nest boxes to collect and record data. Volunteers will walk approximately 1.5 miles on trails and uneven ground to 20 locations using a map to navigate. NestWatch protocols must be followed to correctly and safely approach and examine each nest box. Volunteers will use identification guides to identify the species using the nest box and make notes on nest condition, eggs laid, pests or predators, adult bird activity, and progress of young.


Twice-weekly data collection is important, so the volunteer must be able to commit to a regular day of the week.  Preference will be given to volunteers who can commit to two visits per week. Each shift should begin between 10 a.m. and mid-afternoon and will take 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. This opportunity is NOT suitable for someone with a bee sting allergy.


Volunteer Impact:

Data collected through NestWatch contributes to climate research, conservation of threatened species, and understanding of bird reproduction, biology, and behavior.


Work Environment:

Data collecting will take place outside in the elements, so volunteers should dress accordingly. There is the possibility of uneven ground. There will be restrooms available in the park office. Hazards include exposure to sun, heat, weather, wildlife, bees, and wasps. This opportunity is NOT suitable for someone with a bee sting allergy.


Special Details:

Please wear closed-toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking/work boots. Volunteers in this program will be supplied with iPads strictly for the use and duration of this project.


Volunteer Requirements:

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. All potential volunteers will need to fill out an application (that will be emailed to them) and pass a background check prior to starting. All volunteers will need to fill out an agreement and release form. Volunteer must be able to safely walk on uneven ground, navigate on trails, learn to identify several bird species, carry a backpack weighing 5-10 pounds, collect data on paper and digital forms, and practice safety and good decision-making. Volunteer must attend reliably and communicate well with Preserve staff. Training will be provided.


Per department policy this event cannot count towards court-appointed or suggested community service hours.

Project Start Date: Sun, Mar 1, 2020
Project End Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2020
Volunteers Needed:
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Durant Nature Preserve

8305 Camp Durant Rd
Raleigh, NC 27614

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Project Organizer: Claire Fontaine
Project Category:
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources


Registration has not yet started for this project. Please select another project or check back again soon for additional information.