Garlic Mustard Removal - Robison Wildlife Acres


Project Description:



garlic_mustard.jpgHelp us wrangle the garlic mustard!! 


Garlic mustard is a rapidly spreading invasive species in Iowa's woodlands. Introduced from Europe in the mid-1800s, this plant forms dense blankets on the forest floor which crowds out native vegetation like wildflowers, tree seedlings, etc. 


The good news is that the control method is pretty simple - just pull it! We need lots of hands to wrangle these weeds at Robison before they start dispersing seeds, which happens in May/June. After a quick video orientation you'll be prepared to work independently. 


Volunteers should wear long pants, long sleeves, and sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Other safety information will be provided once you register. 

Volunteers Needed:
Project Meeting
Robison Wildlife Acres 29490 632nd Ave. Nevada, IA 50201

Project Organizer: Erica Place
Project Category:
Invasive Species