Adopt-A-Park: Carroll Prairie


Project Description:



What are you expected to do?

Participant responsibilities include:

  • Adoption agreement runs on a fiscal year cycle (July 1 - June 30).
  • Remove litter once per month throughout the year (unless weather doesn’t allow i.e. during winter), and perform other responsibilities if included in the official agreement.
  • Log hours worked.
  • Contact Story County Conservation with problems (i.e. vandalism, damage to park structures).
  • Inform Story County Conservation 48 hours prior to work if you will be performing a major clean-up that would require our assistance.


 What will Story County Conservation do for you?

  • Provide necessary supplies (trash bags, trash grabber, gloves, etc.).
  • Provide advance check-out of up to three trash grabbers, if requested.
  • Provide assistance with questions as needed.
  • Place a sign in park or area acknowledging group/individuals (agreement must be signed and received by December 1 to be eligible for a sign).

Volunteers Needed:
Meeting Location: Carroll Prairie 61250 200th Street Nevada, IA 50201

Project Organizer: Erica Place
Project Category: