Volunteer Services


Project Description:

The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department is seeking a volunteer to assist in the Administrative Office. The volunteers will work side-by-side with department staff to provide members of the community with information about the department’s parks and services.


Minimum Age requirements for above assignments is: 18   Some clerical experience preferred.


Volunteers should have an interest in and commitment to promoting parks, nature, or physical activity and have a general understanding of landmarks and roadways of Palm Beach County.


The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department operates 85 regional, district, community, beach, and neighborhood parks, spanning several thousand acres. The department's Office of Public Engagement is committed to increasing the public's knowledge of and engagement with the department's parks, beaches, facilities, and services, and communicating the many benefits each offers. We achieve this by cultivating relationships with residents and visitors, building partnerships with community leaders and media outlets, and providing the highest standard of customer service in the dissemination of information.





Volunteers Needed:
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Volunteer Services

Project Organizer: Anthony Austin
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Palm Beach County