CAPTURE TEAM (Photo & Video)


Project Description:

Choose from one of the following:


1) Photo Team – event & creative photography


Serving Description: Our Photo Team uses their passion and creativity to capture the life of Peoples so we can share who we are and what we care about. Through print, social media and online our aim is to engage our Church, community and world. We show up to key celebrations and events in the life of our Church (events like Sunday services, Life Groups, Missions opportunities, and other various ministry events) to capture Peoples’ people in action.   


What we’re looking for: We’re looking for passionate creatives to share their photography expertise. It’s not necessary to be a pro (but we do love having pros on the team), but giving our best to God is important to us, so our team needs to have a desire and drive to grow their skills. We’re happy to work with you and teach you what we know, but having your own gear is a necessity. We’d love to see your portfolio whether that be an actual portfolio or simply a collection of favourite photos on your social channels. 


Commitment: This opportunity is ongoing. Volunteers typically serve once a month to every other week. There are various one-off events that we capture, but our main focus is Sundays and all that it entails. Volunteers show up early and typically attend two services to ensure that we’re able to capture all that we need to.


2) Video Team 

 (Camera Operators, Cable Wranglers, Switchers, Production Assistants, Audio Engineers, Cinematographers/Videographers, Editors)


Serving Description: Our Video Team uses their passion and creativity to capture the various elements of our Sunday services, as well as develop creative films. Every Sunday our Video Team shoots and captures all three services to enhance the experience of those attending in-house as well provide content that we can share online and feature in our Living Truth television show. Our Video Team is also involved in the development of various one-off films that we use in services and online.


What we’re looking for: We’re looking for passionate pros and amateurs to collaborate with so we can share the life our Church and the Good News of Jesus Christ with those in our local congregation as well as with our online and  television community. Our primary responsibility is Sunday’s. We’re looking for those with experience or those with an eagerness to learn the various roles that make our Video Team tick. We’re happy to provide all the training you need. Our creative films are one-off opportunities. If you have experience in film production we’d love to hear from you.  


Commitment: This opportunity is ongoing. For Sundays, volunteers serve on one of two crews. Each crew serves two weeks on, two weeks off, repeat. Volunteers need to show up early and are requested to serve for two of the three services on the weeks their crew is on.

Volunteers Needed:
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The Peoples Church

Project Organizer: Volunteer Coordinator
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The Peoples Church / Media and Communications