Sustrans: Record butterflies & bumblebees in the Cairngorms

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Project Description:

Citizen Science: help us record butterflies and bumblebees and on the National Cycle Network!


Are you passionate about the National Cycle Network and about the future health of bumblebees and butterflies?


We're looking for volunteers to monitor both along off-road sections of the National Cycle Network.


Recording this information is vital to the future health of the UK's pollinators. Your sightings will contribute to national data and also allow us to better monitor wildlife along our routes.


BeeWalk is a national recording scheme run by Bumblebee Conservation Trust which asks volunteers to monitor the abundance of bumblebees across the UK.


The UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS) does the same for butterflies.


Sustrans has formed a partnership with both organisations to assign wildlife volunteers a BeeWalk or UKBMS transect on National Cycle Network greenways.

How do the surveys work?

For BeeWalk, volunteers identify and count the bumblebees they see on an hour’s walk each month from March to October. For UKBMS, volunteers do the same for butterflies but every week between the start of April and end of September.


Either survey can be a very pleasant way to spend an hour on a sunny day.

Where do I get help in identifying what I see?

You will need a basic understanding of common bumblebee or butterfly species, but further help can be found through Sustrans, the partner organisation and our online community of volunteers.

How do I record what I see?

We can help you to get registered on the survey websites where you input your results after each walk - these go to each organisation to allow them to detect early warning signs of population declines, and to Sustrans to help us understand what wildlife is using the NCN.


Not sure where the National Cycle Network is in the Cairngorms? Use this online map to find out.


If you would be interested in volunteering on a transect of the National Cycle Network, please contact Laura White using the details below.

Volunteers Needed:
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Registration for this project is not open for self-registration. Please contact the event organizer listed above for assistance with registration for this project.