Bear Hollow Zoo: Animal Care

Project Description:

Animal Care Volunteers

Animal Care Volunteers Regulations:

  • Volunteers who are committed to learning husbandry routines for various BHZ animals.
    • Habitat maintenance
    • Animal health and wellness checks
    • Cleaning enclosures
    • Providing Enrichment
    • Feeding Diets
    • Animal Observations
  • You will work directly with animals under staff supervision/ training.
  • This team performs basic keeper tasks in the following routines:
    • Reptile House Gopher Tortoises
      • Snakes, amphibians, tarantula, tortoises, lizards
    • Birds of Prey
      • Owls, hawk, eagles, vulture
    • Birds/ Small Mammals
      • Turkeys, deer, opossum
    • Ambassador Animals (Areas A, B or both)
      • Squirrels, rabbits, opossum, vulture, snakes, lizard, fish and inverts


Animal Care Volunteers Requirements:

  • 18 years old
  • Must commit to at least 6 months of service/ one semester for enrolled college students*
  • Able to commit to an AM shift. 8:30 am-12:00
    • Earliest start time at 8:30 am with all routine work complete by Noon
    • Your shift may take approximately 1.5 – 3 hours of your day.
    • You must commit to a regular, weekly shift (i.e. if you sign up for Mondays at 9:00 AM, that is the time and day you will come in every week) This is about 4 shifts per month at a minimum
      • Regardless of school, study group, football games, undesirable weather.
    • This is a minimum requirement. You are able to work as often as you’d like.
      • You may work more than one routine in a shift as long as all work is completed by noon
      • You may work more than one shift in week
      • You may work more than one routine in a day/week
    • Absences are only granted by prior approval of Park Coordinator and doctors notes.
  • Completing the 6-month requirement* and staying up-to-date on current animal husbandry guidelines is solely the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • Not maintaining 3 Animal Care shifts (without prior approval) will result in the volunteer being dropped from animal care program. They cannot apply again until the training course is offered.
  • Make up shifts are allowed on any day that the routine is not covered by another Animal Care Volunteer.
  • Inappropriate animal care by a volunteer will result in Written Counseling. Three Written Counselings within a 6-month period* will result in loss of all animal care privileges.
  • Extremely inappropriate animal care by a volunteer may result in dismissal from the volunteer program.
  • Animal Care Volunteers who are in good standing, and have completed 6 months of service are allowed to maintain their status but only required to complete 2 shifts per month. Not maintaining these two shifts, without prior approval, will result in the volunteer being dropped from the animal care program.  They cannot apply again until the training is offered, and they will need to go through the initial 6 month requirement again.

Volunteers Needed:
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Project Organizer: Kelly Garrison
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Bear Hollow Zoo / Animal Care (ZOO)