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Welcome to the Town of Danville Volunteer Program. Thank you for your desire to serve as part of the Danville team. Please complete the information requested below. We look forward to serving with you!

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I certify that I am currently a member of the Volunteer Services program managed by the Town of Danville. I understand that this volunteer assignment may be cancelled at any time by the Town.


I understand that while working as a volunteer for Town of Danville Volunteer Services, I am to follow the directions provided by my supervisor for the job for which I have volunteered. So long as I follow those directions, I understand that I will be covered by the Town’s liability insurance. As a Town volunteer, I am covered under Worker’s Compensation for any injury or illness related to my volunteer assignment.


I realize that in the course of my work I may be exposed to names, addresses, and other confidential information maintained by the Town of Danville. I understand that I am not to share confidential information with anyone outside of the Town of Danville and if I do  will be subject to civil and criminal penalties as well as release from the Town of Danville Volunteer Services program.


I further understand that photographs and video may be taken of me during said volunteer assignment and that these photographs and video may be used for Town of Danville publicity purposes online or in print.