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Welcome to the Ozarks Food Harvest Volunteer Information and Session Registration system. Thank you for your desire to serve as part of the Ozarks Food Harvest team. Please complete the information requested below to submit your application for review. We look forward to serving with you!


Please note that as of July 8, 2021 we are temporarily requiring all volunteer to wear masks while at OFH.


ALLERGEN NOTICE: Please be advised The Food Bank works with the following allergens: milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. 

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Ozarks Food Harvest will provide every reasonable opportunity for training and a safe work environment. Volunteers must follow instructions and work only in designated areas and on designated projects to ensure their safety and security.  Volunteers understand that they are, of their own free will, volunteering time and expertise to advance the mission and activity of 
Ozarks Food Harvest and as such will not expect, want, or demand any monetary or inā€kind compensation for their efforts. 

By my signature, I hereby indemnify and save harmless Ozarks Food Harvest, its funders, grantors, and donors and Board
against and from all liabilities, obligations, damages, penalties, claims, accidents, costs, and expenses, including reasonable 
attorney fees paid, suffered, or incurred for damage or injury to persons or property in whole or in part as a result of my volunteer 
activities at Ozarks Food Harvest or any of its programs, projects, or special events.